Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Celtic Cross Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral is well known for its large knocker, (no behave). Anyway when we went this year I was taken by the view of the young child looking at the Celtic Cross next to the door. So there it is from my sketch book.
My sister told me the other day that she needed a new front door. Nothing special no side panels just a front door. She wasn't sure whether to get a wooden one or a upvc one. Anyway she called a double glazing company that have a name like a famous Mountain or a lazy boy. The salesman turned up showing her his genuine Rolex watch (not very subtle). He gave her the spiel for three quarters of an hour then finally came to the part that hurts. For a double glazed door no side panel it will be he said, £5,000 (actually it was £5,000 plus but she forgot the figures in the fainting fit).
"No I don't want a new porch just the door," she said.
"Ah but the good news is, he told her you can have it half price." She ushered him out of the door.
I guess the sad part is a lot of old people actually buy these things at these prices.
 If it was around here we have genuine tradesmen who would fit the door for a decent days pay.

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