Thursday, 6 September 2012

Leather on Willow

Here is another of the sketches I did yesterday while watching the cricket. Nothing to write home about but  all good practice for observation. Basically for the left hander the shape of a batsman waiting to receive the ball is a figure four well, thats how I see it. For a right handed batsman its flipped horizontally. The wicket keeper is an "H".... Of course the most common sight yesterday was that of the batsman walking back to the pavilion.
As a young boy my friends and I would often take a bat and cricket ball to the park and spend the summer playing cricket. We didn't have any protection and it could be a bruising experience although we did eventually get given an old leg pad from school.
If we weren't playing cricket it was likely to be playing "War". We would go the bomb site opposite our school choose sides and run around throwing stones at each other.  Not something a parent these days would be too chuffed about. I remember we also got caught scrumping for apples and the police came to the school. There was a bit of a fuss but it was all pretty much innocent fun.
Anyway another beautiful morning with mist rising over the valley. Just the top of Merlin's Hill poking out of it as Jac and I made our way over the top of Penlanffos. Breakfast now, the gym and then a watercolour to be done.
Incidentally I like Sir john Major's Cricket prayer, "Oh Lord if I must die today, please make it after close of play!"

link 10cc "Dreadlock Holiday"

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