Saturday, 3 March 2012


Today I finished off an oil painting and did the little watercolour of Paxton's Tower.
Its close to my birthday and all the family are coming around for a big meal which is nice.
Alex is out shopping and has a fatted calf in the oven and half a lamb I believe? Mind you our family can eat!
So it could be an eventful night.

I have heard recently of a series of old colleagues passing away. It is always sad to know they now only live in your memory. Alan Henderson affectionately known as "Noddy" was a lovely man. He was a beat policeman in Newtown. He had a very good nature and was able to diffuse most situations. I remember his infectious smile slightly scruffy appearance and jaunty walk.

I am not sure what Saint Peter will make of you but I expect you are pounding those golden streets and making the angels laugh right now.

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