Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Carmarthen Courthouse

The watercolour above is of the Courthouse in Carmarthen. A portrait of Sir Thomas Picton hanging in the courtroom was the subject of debate last year. Now there is no doubt that Thomas Picton was by our standards pretty much a man to be avoided and a tyrant and dictator during his days as Governor of Trinidad. On the plus side he fought for his country and died at Waterloo for his troubles.
To remove his portrait because we disapprove of his actions seems to be the start of a slippery slope. Do we knock down the Picton Memorial? What about Boudicea do we remove her statue in London. She slaughtered  every man woman and child when she sacked London and burnt it to the ground killing around 70,000 people in AD 61.
I guess she might end up before the war crimes tribunal today. Anyway this is all a bit political. The portrait is actually very good. Today I finished an oil painting and got to the gym. Alex has been busy framing.

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