Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh away (Job 1.21)

Here is a watercolour of cattle that I did in Harlech. It is a simple painting pretty much in the tradition of Thomas Girtin or even John Sell Cotman.
One of the highs and lows of our trip was when we went to the Lion Public House in Harlech. We went at lunchtime for a pub lunch. We knew that they allowed dogs in so Jac was welcome. It was an old fashioned pub with an open blazing fie tiled stone floor and an assortment of different wooden tables and chairs. The brewery hadn't managed to turn it into a theme pub. There were two beers on tap draught Hobgoblin and Tiger.
I have never drunk Tiger and was a little put off that it was from Leicester (Leicester Tigers are an anathema to Scarlet supporters). Nevertheless I have to say that the beer which was a pale bitter served warm and flat was gorgeous.
It was the best beer I have had in probably 40 years. Beer as it should be from a barrel at room temperature. It took me back to beer when it was 1 shilling and 10 pence a pint about 8.5p in new money.
I was stunned I quickly drank the first pint and ordered a second. Meantime our food had arrived. Unfortunately so had the couple from hell. As we were quietly eating our dinner and washing it down a couple sat at a table on the other side of the room and started talking to or at us. They had a camper van and were on the same site although we hadn't seen them before.
The male proceeded to inflict upon us his life story in excruciating detail. Jac was under the table rolling his eyes at me and making gestures with his paw down his throat. Alex was encouraging the irritating man by staying awake.
My visions of a quiet afternoon by a blazing fire swilling down nectar of my youth were gone. I couldn't take the monologue anymore. We decided to forgo our pudding got up and left.

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