Friday, 9 March 2012


The abstract painting above is one that for a long time graced one of the walls in our lounge. It was 6 ft by 4ft.
It was part of the series I based on Picabia's works. I saw a program about David Hockney a week or so ago. I was very much influenced by him when I was younger.
I enjoyed his fresh bright works such as the bigger splash which he did when he was living in California. He is somewhat critical of conceptual artists or artists that are not "hands on" such as Damien Hirst. I also find it hard to understand the concept of an artist who is not able to make or produce their own work.  I haven't physically seen his latest works which are digitally enhanced. From what I have seen on television they don't have the same appeal as his earlier paintings.
Anyway I have to walk the dog now and then do some work.

Link for The Bigger Splash

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