Saturday, 17 March 2012

Jumping Jack Flash

The picture above is of a chalet in Pembs. We stopped on the farm with our camper. Not a very interesting picture but it was something to do. To be honest its pretty bland but the trees are ok.
I was given an ipod dock as a present the other day. Isn't technology a pain? As a boy I made a crystal set with ex army headphones to listen to music with yards of earth wire and aerial wire strung out across my bedroom and garden. Then I made a radio with a battery. I later made a stereo system athough I had to buy the deck. I spent years collecting LPs and had a great collection. Finally they stopped making LPs and I changed to CDs. I have finally got a good collection and now it is has all gone digital MP3.
That's progress. Well my ipod was second hand and holds about 200 tracks not much considering.

So choosing which tracks to include is a task.

One firm favourite from my youth is Anandar Shankar. I saw Ravishankar live along with T Rex once (introduced by John Peel)  but I have never seen Anandar Shankar.

Anyway in case you haven't heard of his work  here is a link to one great track and a lot more interesting than the picture

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