Thursday, 15 March 2012


The painting above shows the first days work of a view of the Towy Valley from Dryslwyn castle looking towards Llandeilo.
I try to work cleanly although I still get the odd thumb mark here and there. Working top down is a useful way of keeping colours clean. Although it is not the only method of working I use. Sometimes I will cover the whole board and go from there. It depends on the subject and effect I want.

I remember the day I went up to Dryslwyn Castle for this painting I took a sketch book and a camera. It was a lovely day and I was looking forward to an hours sketching. Initially I was the only presence there apart from the sheep. Shortly after I climbed the hill I saw other people coming. It was quite muddy and I was wearing wellingtons. I noted that my company consisted of a gentleman of my age complete with large camera and a young lady with a short skirt and high heels. When they arrived at the top it became obvious he was using her for glamour shots and was more interested in her contours than that of the valley. I decided not to hang around sketching as I felt like a gooseberry. (That's a good old expression). Anyway I did get some good photos (of the valley) which I have used for reference.

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