Friday, 16 March 2012

Morning Sun in the Towy Valley

Here is the finished painting. I hope it conveys the effects of the strong morning sun and long shadows across the valley. There are sheep in one of the fields but they are hard to see at this scale. I intend to do a sister painting of the valley going in the other direction shortly.
Alex made a pavlova (a cake/fruit thing with meringue on top) last night. She didn't shut the door of the oven and asked why she said she didn't want the oven too hot as it could burn. Quite logical I guess and it didn't burn but unfortunately it didn't cook either. This may only be worthy of note as it is one of her few culinary failures and I know she wont take it to heart if she reads it here, like hell!
Anway if I am still around tomorrow I will blog again.

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