Friday, 23 March 2012

A Greater Being

The painting above of St David's Parish Church in  Abergwili sold this week. It is quite an appropriate picture today. Blue skies and spring arriving, the wonders of nature. Like many people I guess I wonder about whether there is a greater intelligence or being.
We recently went to Harlech for a break. I took my telescope having an interest in the universe. Harlech suffers form of light pollution to speak of and is ideal for observing the great expanse around us. I was disappointed at first overcast skies day after day, couldn't last could they? Yes, after 9 days I gave up it wasn't going to happen, but have faith on the tenth day blue skies glorious weather and forecast for a clear night sky. Great.
We did a ten mile walk had tea then I set up my telescope which took about 30 minutes. I then waited for the evening arrival of  Venus, Jupiter and the Great Bear. What arrived sea fog!
Yes I think there may be a greater being and they have a very wicked sense of humour.
Actually in our house there is a "greater being" her name is Alex after that comes Jac and somewhere below I am situated.

Anyway here is a link to Mr Blue Sky which is appropriate

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