Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Dawn over the Valley

The sketch above is one I did for a painting I have started today of the valley looking towards Llanarthne and Carmarthen in the distance. Not great visually in itself I admit but it is full size and has the information I want on it. As I have said before better to work out your ideas before you start painting.

"Dawn is a feeling
A beautiful ceiling
The smell of grass
Just makes you pass
Into a dream" (Moody Blues)

Well that was pretty much it this morning when I went for the first walk of the day. I was wearing my Berghaus fleece as it was still a shade on the chilly side when I started out. Walking in to the woods above the reservoir I could hear the woodpecker on the old beech tree and for a change I saw him in siluette. A dark outline with the bright low light of the morning sun behind him at the top of the trunk. A great spotted woodpecker hunting for grubs for his breakfast. As we got onto the top looking across and down the valley the sun was blinding coming up straight over Merlin's Hill. 
Yes the Moody Blues got it right! 

Talking about my Berghaus it is starting to fray on the edges I suppose I should take it back as I have only had it 25 years. In fairness it has been excellent and outlived half dozen cheaper fleeces.

We have two of the grand children now so I have to go rescue Alex.

link to Dawn is a feeling

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