Monday, 19 March 2012

Harlech Castle

We recently spent a week away in Harlech in our camper. The watercolour above is one I did of the Castle. It was a great break, sketching and walking. We walked between 5 and 10 miles a day which suited Jac. Our van was next to a field of cows. It was interesting seeing the additional calves being born every day. One day Alex was quite concerned as one cow was in the act of producing  calf and seemed to be taking some time. She informed the camp warden who rang the farmer. They also had a good sense of humour as they gave Alex a pair of glove scissors and a bowl. Cows are generally quite happy to allow nature to take its course but in fairness the farmer did come out. The farmer named the calf after Alex. (no not really!).
The advantage for me was that there was a ready made subject for sketching. Cattle are very good as subjects as they move quite slowly and will maintain a pose for a good time.
Today I started on an oil painting which is a commission. Alex has been turning her attention to prints.

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