Friday, 30 March 2012

Boer War Memorial

The watercolour above is another version of Guildhall Square Carmarthen with the Boer War Memorial in front of the Court House. My Great Uncle, my grandfather’s brother died in the Boer War. He has his own memorial in Woodstock. Another of my grandfather’s brothers died as a result of mustard gas in the First World War. On the whole my generation has been pretty lucky.

I am still struggling with my CD collection. I have mentioned before that I am trying to move into the digital age. I have spent donkeys “ripping” my CDs to  iTunes. I had asked advice online on how to get them to play through a Home Cinema set up. I had been told its simple. Transfer them to audio file and put them on a USB memory stick.
Great I did that. Unfortunately the LG DVD receiver did not recognise the files! I then had to convert them all to mp3 which took 5 hours.

Success? Well not quite it worked but only the first few albums appeared. It seems like there is a size limit to the number of files the receiver will allow you to input. The manual doesn’t mention this although it does say there is a limit to number of files on a CD or DVD.

I tried LG support live chat – not working
I tried email to them I had an answer but not to the question I asked.
I rang them and was told the system was down whatever that meant
I sent another email no reply
I tried live chat again today – not working
I rang them again today . I was told the system was down.
I said with all the problems they had there was no hope of sorting out mine.

I think I will buy a Dansette record player and go back to vinyl!

Today I am in Origin Gallery.

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