Monday, 9 January 2012

Worlds Most Expensive email Address

The oil painting above is of fishing trawlers off a headland. They are actually Brixham Trawlers and were very popular around the South and West Coast at the turn of the 20th century.

Personalised number plates are not something that appeals to me. I have a good a reason for that well actually two. One is the cost and the other is that I wouldn’t want to draw attention to myself. I am not a bad driver but on the other hand not a great one either. It would be all too easy to remember that car with 
 ART 1 registration that accidentally cut you up or pulled out without looking. With an indistinctive number like our plate it’s just an other old man in a flat cap!
Now my email has been a pain lately. Not arriving where it should, refusing to send group emails…So I eventually decided to bite the bullet and change email to Gmail.
My old email address was markcox@…… and obviously I wanted something similar with my name and without numbers. The problem was they were all gone. So decision time you can buy personalised email addresses. They are very expensive. I didn’t want to do that.
I looked at my business card and found the answer. My Business card was Mark Cox BA. “Eureka” that was available. Finally I have found something useful to come from my old degree in fine art. (Actually that is a bit harsh, I enjoyed it but the course wasn’t much to do about painting, not as I understand it anyway.). Anyway the Degree cost me a fortune.
So I reckon at the end of the day I have probably got the Worlds Most expensive email address.

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