Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Carmarthen River Bridge in oils

The picture above shows the first stage of the painting I am working on. Carmarthen River Bridge. You can see I have started form the top and am working down. This is a standard format for watercolour paintings but not necessarily for oils, it’s just that it is convenient when working this way. Some colours are mixed and laid on to be left whilst other darker colours are mixed on the canvas adding differing shades and lighter colours. All the colours are mixed none are straight from the tube. The second piece of advice I give to anyone wanting to learn to paint is read a good book on colours and learn how to mix them so you can replicate the exact hue and value when necessary. The first piece of advice is draw, draw and draw.

Tonight I have a meeting of the co-operative. Tomorrow I am teaching but I hope to paint in the morning.

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