Friday, 13 January 2012

Binge Drinking

The watercolour sketch is of Shortland farm near Druidstone where we like to stop in our camper. The problem we have is that we like to go out of season and many of the best sites are shut. I like piece and quiet, to get away so the summer is mostly out and in any case we are generally exhibiting then or generally tied up.
We often camp in sub zero temperatures and the only problem we get is when the water freezes up.
Alex thinks we live in subzero temperatures as I am not too keen on having the heating on. Have you seen the price of oil?

I was listening to the debate the other day on Scottish Independence. I have mixed views. My grandfather was Scottish and a deal of my family are Welsh. At the end of the day I take the view it is up to them to decide, that is what democracy is all about. Anyway I was reminded about the book of Aneirin. An old Welsh manuscript in the University Library of Wales. It contains a story Y Goddoddin  about Celtic warriors from the Brythonic Kingdon in Scotland who along with their allies from Wales went South to fight the Angles and Saxons. Three hundred warriors met and apparently spent one year feasting and drinking mead before setting off to fight the invading Angles and Saxons. It must have been something of a suicide mission
as they faced and army of ten thousand. I suppose this explains the year of drinking beforehand. The warriors met at Catraeth (Catterick) and fought for several days. Only three of the Britains survived. To be honest I think the years feasting would have killed me off never mind the March and then a battle.

Today I have been in the Gallery again. Tomorrow its Rugby.

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