Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sheep ~ Harlech

The little watercolour picture above is of sheep near Morfa Harlech. We like to go and stay in the area when we can (which isn’t very often) for a change of scenery. We used to take the children to this stretch of coast for our holidays when they were young. We had a four-man ridge tent, which just about held 2 adults 3 children and a dog. It was about 8 ft by 5 ft so it was a bit of a squeeze but we had a great deal of use out of it.  Camping was the only holiday we could afford then. The area anyhow is a favourite of ours. I don’t do many completed paintings of North Wales, as there isn’t the market for them in West Wales. I do however do numerous sketches and little watercolours for my own interest. Sheep are a great subject probably because they are so much a part of the British Landscape. One of my favourite paintings of sheep is by William Holman Hunt link below:

I posted yesterday about our son’s last trip to Ireland with his family. He also told me about an incident in Tesco’s County Cavan. It’s funny how your tastes change, as you get older. I used to like whisky, brandy, rum, port not all together mind. Well now the only spirit I can manage is gin with tonic. Anyway my son has no such inhibitions (particularly if it is free). He went to Tesco’s and made two important purchases a bottle of gin and a bottle of tonic. He got to the checkout and was asked if he needed a bag. He declined having found an old bag. He placed both bottles in it. The inevitable happened the bag split he fortunately grabbed hold of the gin but the tonic escaped. It hit the floor exploded and then took off like a torpedo spraying its contents over all and sundry with two Tesco ladies chasing it down the aisle. He said they all saw the funny side of it particularly as he was the one that looked like he’d had an accident.
They gave him a new bottle of tonic although he had already paid and even mopped him down.
Life’s full of little incidents to make you smile (unlike the way the Scarlets played yesterday).

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