Saturday, 28 January 2012

Old Oak Carmarthen

The watercolour above is of the Old Oak in Carmarthen which used to be at the end of Priory Street.
The remnants are now in the Museum. The picture is made up from several sources including what is present today although several of the buildings on the right have gone. It is a departure form my normal style but I  enjoyed doing it and finished it this morning.
Yesterday evening  Maria our daughter in law came around as I was examining Mare Crisium (the Sea of Crises) through my telescope. She breezed over, looked up at the large shiny object in the night sky, peered through the telescope and declared " Oh, is that the moon then?". You have to wonder at the marvel that is the Irish Education System.
The trouble is you don't actually know when she is pulling your leg or serious. A real mischievous and lovely girl just like her daughters.

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