Saturday, 14 January 2012

Cwnoernant Reservoir Path

The reservoir this morning was beautiful with the sun breaking through the trees. The mallards and goosander were bobbing in the water, which had a layer of mist across it. The frost-covered branches were shimmering a grey purple with patches of light catching the tops. Very picturesque. The painting above is of the footpath around Cwmoernant reservoir but not the one I was looking for which has gone walkabout on the computer.
Anyway I was talking to our son last night and he was relaying his experiences over the New Year in Ireland. He took his wife and children to visit our daughter in laws family. They arrived at Pembroke Dock Port in their white people carrier and sat in a queue of cars waiting to board the ferry. Next thing he notices a hire car pull up 2 spaces away with other relatives of ours in it. It was our daughter’s mother and father in law a lovely couple who come from Tullamore. They were on their way back home. Anyway he got out of the car and walked around to the drivers side door stood over the car so they couldn’t see his face and then requested their passports, then tickets then driving documents and anything else he could think of until he couldn’t hold his laughter any further. They eventually realised who he was and they had a good chat. Our son returned to his car but in the meantime another white people carrier had joined the waiting cars in between them. At this point Phillip the father in law gets out of his car and walks up the driver of the people carrier thinking it is our son and continues a conversation with him. He gets out his mobile phone and passes it to the driver. It apparently it had a joke on it. Now Phillip the father in law is very softly spoken and quite difficult to understand particularly with a strong Irish accent.  Our son and family were in fits as they watched the driver of the people carrier pass the mobile phone to his wife and back. They obviously had no idea who this person was that had suddenly come up to them and enter a long conversation with them. The look on their faces was something to behold. Eventually Phillip realised his mistake and left them bewildered but probably impressed by the friendliness of the Irish.
Yes we have a very interesting but lovely large family!
Today I am off to watch the Scarlets play Northampton. So fingers crossed.  


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