Thursday, 12 January 2012

Carry On

Well what a Carry On. A very interesting 24 hours. Our sister in law arrived last night with our nephew and his Vietnamese girlfriend. They only stopped until this morning but it was very nice to see them as he lives in Vietnam and we haven’t seen them for some time. You can image we had a good meal and plenty of family, grandchildren. My mother was particularly pleased to see him although she was very confused about what relative he actually is. Whenever there is a lot of excitement or a break in her routine there is normally a reaction. So last night when we made our way to bed Alex and I were particularly pleased it had all passed off well and my Mother had gone off to bed without any drama.
I had to be off early today as I was constructing an office in the gallery with Martin our treasurer and also had to go out to check on a storage heater. All went well. I walked the dogs and left our guest sleeping. Alex sorted out breakfast for them, took them to say goodbye to my Mom and then got on washing bedding and cleaning ready for our daughter, grandson and dog to come on Saturday. In the afternoon she had several phone calls to deal with in respect of framing. She then had to take the dog out as I was working in the gallery. She only got opposite my mother’s house when she was called over. My mother had her meals on wheels stopped to go over to frozen meals, which her lunchtime carer prepared. She found my mother looking at a sandwich. The carer had got it all mixed up and my mom had no dinner other than the sandwich. Unfortunately my mom doesn’t like bread! Meantime the dog still on a lead is being coaxed by my mother to come to her with the soggy sandwich. Alex is trying to sort out food and then an ambulance pulls up. Two ambulance men come in. Alex is now part of some surreal play. It seems that my mother pressed her emergency call button before Alex arrived. My mother is lapping it up and talking nonsense to the ambulance men who are now seriously considering taking her in. Alex has to explain that this is normal and apologise for the call out and the dog who is now causing chaos. Witnessing this strange event is my mother’s cleaner who comes once a week to iron and clean.
When Alex picked me up she was convinced she had been in a Carry On Movie. I assured her I had a very pleasant and productive day even though I hadn’t had the chance to do any painting, again!
Oh the watercolour sketch above is of a small boat at Borth Y Guest in North Wales
With Snowdonia in the distance.

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