Monday, 30 January 2012


The painting above is of an old North British Diesel as it was before restoration on the Gwili Railway.
I guess we all collect  things . As a young lad I collected railway engine numbers. I was a train spotter.
I loved seeing the steam trains and hearing them pulling loaded waggons on an incline. Cabbing an engine was the highlight for a young lad that is getting on the platform when she was in steam. When diesels came in I lost interest. After that I have never collected anything tangible. I like reading books but once I have read it I am happy to see it go.  Alex collects lots of things, bags all sorts any type of shopping bag with Tesco, Morrisons or any place we have ever visited stencilled on it. She collects shoes, mind you Jac buries them in the garden at the same rate she buys them. Fortunately she doesn't collect jewellery.
Having said I don't collect anything tangible I do collect images. I sketch, paint take photographs and keep mental pictures as well. I don't have a photographic memory (Alex doesn't think I have a memory at all) but I can draw some places fairly accurately from memory. I suppose these images are also memories and I suppose we all collect these, it just depends on how we do it or what sensory  means we use. My memories are visual. My sense of smell is negligible since an operation I had as a child. I like music but am "apparently" tone deaf so its images for me.

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