Sunday, 29 January 2012


I haven't done any painting today. It has been a day of chasing up odds and ends for the gallery and an hour in the gym. Our son took Alex and I to the rugby last night. An excellent game where the Scarlets showed the talent that they are unearthing. There was a bit of a minor incident at the game but all's well that ends well and I am not going to go into details. However talking of rugby. We saw Clive Edwards on TV the other night. He was on Noson Llawen a Welsh program. Clive is a real character and was telling  funny stories. Fortunately he didn't relate one involving me. Some time ago Alex , our son and I went to Cardiff on Clive's coach to watch Wales play Italy in the World Cup. I never got there. One minute I was on the motorway and the next I wake up in an ambulance. I had a bit of a pull and ended up in the Heath Hospital for 4 days. Since then Clive has always threatened to ban me from his bus. I obviously caused a stir on the coach as there were numerous bids for my ticket while I was being carried away. Alex nor my son never got to the game something they never let me forget.

Actually everyone was great. As it was the Laugharne RFC contingent on the bus I am lucky I had the pull on the way and not on the way back when everyone was "in good spirits" as I hate to think what they would have done with me.

The photo - Well that of course is of the legendary  Gareth Edwards.  We were in a restaurant for a Home International and he asked if he could have his  photo taken with us. Well I am sure he would have done if Alex hadn't beaten him to it!

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