Friday, 27 January 2012

Porth Madoc

The watercolour above is of Snowdon from Porth Madoc. This is or was a popular view in the 19th century and was the subject of many well known artists at the time. In consideration of their work I hope I have done it some justice. Anyway the painting was done a few years back on one of our annual holidays up North.

Today I waked the dog went to the gym did the drawing for a painting of Carmarthen Oak and started the work. I also went shopping for my mother with Alex.

Have you noticed how many men wander around supermarkets without a basket or trolley looking aimlessly around? They are having that draining experience of shopping with wives or partners. Alex for example will spend an inordinate amount of time looking, checking, considering  which is the newest, which is the best and then when she has chosen we will move away from the trolleys into the Supermarket. Nothing is done without complete consideration. I of course will go in and grab the first item I need and be queuing to pay having spent the minimum amount of time and money. Of course I invariably get something out of date or from the wrong region and have to suffer that withering look and slow shaking of the head.
No shopping is a serious business and one that men should not be allowed to partake in. ( Is that sexist or just plain fact?). Probably both!

Anyway rugby on tonight and off to watch the Scarlets tomorrow after finishing the painting.

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