Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Picture Window

The watercolour above is the same subject (Merlin’s Hill Towy Valley) as the one that went awry the other day (cockled). Anyway no problems this time. I stretched the paper fully and used good quality Saunders Waterford paper.

Yesterday we wanted a quiet day after the grandchildren left. It seems that everyone and his dog wanted to visit or phone us. Individually not a problem but it was one after another. I ended up being extremely rude to the man from Dunraven Windows who phoned at 6.30pm awakening me from my fourth attempt to doze in the chair. He wanted to discuss double-glazing! I mean it was a Bank Holiday wasn’t it? The last call was after 9pm. I sometimes think a telephone is no great advance for the human race. I shall endeavour to leave it off the hook more in future. That can be my New Years Resolution. Alex has got straight into framing and mounting prints today. This afternoon she is going to paint a room for her mother.

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