Tuesday, 28 July 2015

What's in a name?

The above painting sold at the weekend. It shows the river Towy looking towards Llanarthne. The image is actually a bit too blue on my monitor but you get the idea. That of course is an issue with the internet everyone's monitors are set differently so we are not seeing the exact same thing. Not really a major problem normally but always worth bearing in mind.

A very nice lady moved in to our road a year or so ago and we were introduced to her at a friends house. Ever since we have always stopped to pass the time of day with her. However the other day Alex and I were talking about her to a third party, saying house nice she was.  They didn't know who we meant but knew a woman of a different name who had moved in to our road a year ago and described her.  The light slowly dawned and we realised for over a year we had been calling her "Annette" when her name was "Marianne".

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