Saturday, 25 July 2015

Coffee Time

I will be finishing off my portrait commission this weekend. Alex is well into the  accounts.
I have a few bits to do in the garden as well.

Last night we decided to go to a local restaurant for a meal as we had been given a gift voucher for it.
I booked a table and later I booked a taxi to take us as it was raining. Alex misunderstood when the taxi was coming and inevitably wasn't ready when it arrived and it was all a bit of a rush. Anyway we got to the restaurant.
Alex said, "Did you pick up the voucher?"
I said, "No, didn't you?"
Oh well we'll just have to go again!

Incidentally while we had a pleasant meal and conversation we noted a young couple on the table next to us who spent the whole time between courses looking at their mobiles! We didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I guess its just sad! 

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