Friday, 17 July 2015

Misty morning on Cefn Sidan

Here is one of the paintings that sold during the exhibition. We finished unloading last night and now have  a dining room full of paintings and prints etc until we sort them out. I have several commissions to do starting next week. A couple of days out are called for I think.

BT Broadband is now playing up and disconnecting itself more than it is connected. I tried to report it and waited for a long time "In a queue with unexpectedly high calls!"( never heard that one before, irony) being assured I would have my call answered. Yes but life is too short and I wanted to go to bed before midnight so gave up after 30 minutes.

Just thought I would take advantage of the current blue light on my hub and get the blog out before cutting the lawn (grass is probably a more accurate description).

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