Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Aberglasney ghost?

Well here it is the last day of exhibiting coming up tomorrow. This has been the most successful exhibition we've had. . The painting above sold today. It is of the Church of the Holy Cross at Mwnt.

If you didn't get a chance to see us the gardens are worth a visit in any case and Sandra Phillips is exhibiting next and always puts on a great show.

Now then, every day we have been here we have noticed something a bit odd in Aberglasney Mansion. The first day we noticed that the door to the video room off the main hall was closed at 5pm although we didn't notice when this happened. It is normally left open for public access. Anyway we opened it again.
The following day we actually heard it close this was around 4.35 - 4.40pm. There were no other people in the hall or the video room. We thought maybe the floorboards were contracting/expanding and this caused it to release. However everyday for the remaining days the door swung shut by itself at 4. 35pm irrespective of the weather/ heat  etc. I decided to film it today on my phone but by the time I got the video part working it was mostly closed. Could it be the Aberglasney ghost?  Bishop Rudd walking through the hall? I am sure there is a rational explanation but it evades me at the moment.

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