Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Here is another of the paintings that sold during the exhibition. It shows a red kite over the Bluestones in the Preselis.

I am pleased with my finished portrait commission. I confess I was not one hundred percent confident I could pull it off to my own satisfaction. Portraits can be painted in a thousand different ways and styles. This one was done in a realistic manner. The most difficult thing about that is getting the flesh appearance / tone right. The skin needs to be translucent to be virtually alive to the touch other wise it will look like a photograph. Unfortunately I can't "share" the painting and it hasn't been seen by the customer yet, but I am very content.  It was a one off and  I won't be accepting another similar commission in a long time.

I started a landscape yesterday ah back to the comfort zone. I also received my piano examination result. Surprisingly I did pretty well! (Well it would surprise the neighbours). My good lady wife Alex has also purchased me a very lovely acoustic piano which will be arriving today. We went to see Sandra Philips exhibition yesterday. Lovely work and nice to catch up with her.

Alex's Mom is having a bit of a rough year but is bearing up pretty well and keeping very chirpy.
Jac has been in the horrors. He had the vet on Monday for his anal glands to be done, (makes me wince to think of it). He had acupuncture yesterday for his nearly one hundred percent repaired cruciate ligament. I laughed, then Alex told me I had the dentist today!

I heard an interview with Ray Davies on the radio this morning so my link is

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