Sunday, 5 July 2015

Conversations at an Exhibition

The painting of the Bluebell woods sold at the exhibition this weekend. I was pleased with the painting but may not do another one well not for a while anyway. It took quite a while as there were a few layers that had to dry in between.

Conversations heard at the exhibition:

Two octogenarians enter,

Lady, "Look dear its Rhossili we've been there. It's  lovely."
Man, "Look it's  Rhossili haven't we been there?"
Lady,"There really lovely."
To me
"Who's the artist?"
Me."That would be me."
Lady,"He's very good. They are like photographs only better. The colours are softer."
I really like this lady.
Leaving. The Lady. "Do you know the artist?"
Me."Er, yes quite well."
Lady "Tell him he's very good."

Elderly lady approaches me.
"Do you remember me ? It was a long time ago."
Heart quickens, surely not.
"I bought a lovely painting."
Heart returns to normal

A couple enter

Lady "Look at this beautiful painting of Tenby. Shall we get it?"
Man,"Come on lets look at the gardens." Guiding her out of the door.

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