Thursday, 2 July 2015


This is something different in the exhibition a Sunderland Short Flying Boat in the Haven.  I actually painted it in the exhibition last year but reworked it this year as I felt it wasn't quite finished. It had been sat in my studio waiting for a return to the easel. Well I reworked it a couple of months ago and am happy with it.

I have done a couple before and do have some tenuous connection with the subject.

Anyway so we are ready for a couple of busy weeks at Aberglasney. Both Alex and I will be there every day. I will pop home to walk the dog around lunchtime but other than that I intend to be present all the time to chat or answer any questions.

Jac and I had a lovely walk this morning. The steam was rising off the reservoirs and the baby ducklings were making their way to safety in the middle of the water. When we arrived back home it was 5.45am and the sun was braking through the mist. Off to Abergalaney now to set up.

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