Thursday, 2 July 2015

Nunney Castle

The above is a painting of the visit of Nunney Castle to Carmarthen railway station and is in the exhibition. I included in the painting Jac and myself along with three of our grandchildren who would be surprised to know they were there.
If I put figures in a painting I will occasionally include a family member or friend.

"Palette" can mean the range of colours used in a painting it can also refer to the surface they are mixed on. As for the former I tend to choose a limited palette for the painting and mix the colours concentrating on maybe one prime colour (basically red, yellow or blue) and a couple of secondaries.

The actual mixing palette can be anything really, board, baking paper a purpose made hardwood artists palette etc. However it is worth bearing in mind that if you are painting on a white canvas then a white palette will give you more accurate colour mixes so a plate could be a better option. So I do tend to chop and change my palette or at the least make allowances for it holding a sample of paint to the canvas on a palette knife before finalising the mix. Sounds a bit over the top but if you mix a colour on a dirty brown surface don't expect it to be the same on a pristine white canvas. If you are applying a ground to the canvas then this will also affect the mixed colour. Okay,a bit geeky but whatever!

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