Monday, 20 July 2015

Reflections at Cefn Sidan

The above painting of reflections at Cefn Sidan sold on Saturday  at Origin in King Street, Carmarthen.

I have a few jobs to start today. I have to try and recover my daughter and son in laws pictures from their old computer which died on them. I have a number of commissions to start on and the garden needs some work after being ignored for a few weeks.

At the exhibition I got asked all sorts of things one of which was,
"How do you keep your colours so fresh and clean?"

Well it is easy to make something that looks like mud if you keep pushing paint around so this is my advice for what its worth:

Have a clear plan and know what order you are laying on the colours. Generally light over dark but not always!

Clean your brush regularly and after each stroke if you are laying on top of another colour.

Hold you brush at an angle to the surface and lay on paint rather than at 90 degrees pulling up the old paint layer into the new.

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