Thursday, 14 May 2015

Towy Valley in the snow

I did a watercolour painting sometime ago. Unfortunately I chose a board with an already stretched piece of paper on it. This was done a couple of months ago and the tape had started to lift. Anyway I thought I would risk using it.

The result is shown above. Oh well. The painting cockled i.e. it wrinkled. I have seen worse (much worse in fact) offered for sale and it is possible to reduce the cockling but this one will be relegated to the bin. At the end of the day it pays to do things properly and if you have any doubts don’t waste time start with good paper that is properly prepared. Eventually I did the scene again this time everything was as it should have been.

The view itself is of the Towy Valley in the snow, a scene I love as it is part of one of my walks. However since Jac tore his cruciate ligament I have avoided going up through the woods and over the top. He is pretty good now but I am still a bit reluctant to test him fully. So for the time being we are keeping to flat ground and the more popular walks. This morning I met a woman walking her dogs. She was looking at the floor and talking on her mobile. Fifteen minutes later I saw her again and she was still talking on her mobile. I thought what a pity you are missing all this fabulous nature (and spoiling the peace and quiet).


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