Monday, 11 May 2015

Ticking away the moments that make up of a dull day..

I don't teach. I used to give demonstrations I don't now and I don't give talks. Okay what do you do? 

I paint.

Sorry that all sounds a bit negative.  I am happy to help people with their interests but I am very selfish with my time. Everyone has a finite amount of time and I now generally do with it what I want to do (exceptions being helping out family friends....).

Teaching for me is not financially viable and to be honest I don't enjoy it. Likewise I don't enjoy talking about myself so I don't do talks.

Anyway I was brought up painting and have continually added to that knowledge. I don't regret that none of my family will be continuing my passion but I do sometimes feel its a waste that I have gained a lot of knowledge that will disappear with me. There again the paintings will mostly still be here.

I was going to talk about paints and colour mixing but I seem to have gone off on another subject. Oh well another day perhaps.

 I was thinking of a link with "Time " in it. The Stones "Time is on my side " is a great song but the opposite of what I am saying. Doors "Love me two times" not really relevant. 

 Pink Floyd wins it "Time",   "Ticking away the moments of a dull day..fritter and waste the moments...."  Link

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