Wednesday, 13 May 2015


The above sketch is of Jac and I going for our constitutional. When we go off in our camper Jac of course comes with us. We have propane gas fitted in the van for cooking and heating and we are very careful with it.

When we had  boats we generally overhauled or even totally re-fitted the gas as a first priority. Testing and fitting a gas alarm was considered essential. With the van we have it tested by a qualified fitter regularly and I have now added a gas alarm with sensors at floor level.

After all this it was a little disconcerting the other day for us to be in the van and the gas alarm to go off. We immediately got out, turned off the gas and opened the windows. We gave it a while turned on the alarm all seemed clear.  We resumed our relaxed positions and resumed reading only for the alarm to go off again however this time it was accompanied by a foul smelling odour. We both looked at Jac who was lying next to the gas sensor. Yes we had found the source of the gas leak!


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