Thursday, 7 May 2015

Morning Mist and sea birds Cefn Sidan - Pembrey

I have just finished another Cefn Sidan scene. This time looking towards Burry Holmes with Rhossili in the far distance.

The other day Alex and I went into a shoe shop because I needed a pair of black shoes. Now I confess I am not the worlds best shopper. I don't like looking at clothes...trying things on... I know what I like if they haven't got it I just leave. In the case of shoes I want them plain a good comfy fit and not costing a fortune.

Anyway we went into the shop and the assistant came over and was very pleasant. I saw lots of black shoes but they were all a throwback to the 1960's ie. chisel toes. Now I don't have pointy feet so I see little point in trying to cram my feet into odd shaped footwear. They were all out definitely!

Alex looked pleadingly at the girl and they found a pair of black shoes with a shape designed by a person who probably had to wear them ie. they were fine. I put them on. Great they were black, they were comfortable and didn't cost a huge amount. They as they say ticked all the boxes.

But hang on, "What the hell is that?" I said pointing to a little triangle on the side of the shoe.
"Oh no." said Alex," I was hoping you wouldn't see that."
A purple I repeat purple leather insert was set in by the tongue on the outside of the shoe. ALex was crestfallen.

"Oh what the hell Okay." I said "At least they are comfortable."
Alex quickly paid before I changed my mind.

I don't like shopping but I think Alex likes shopping with me even less!

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