Saturday, 9 May 2015


I enjoy my own company particularly when I start the day. I go for a good early walk with Jac and think about the day ahead, painting, my blog and anything else on the agenda. This morning I got to thinking about those artists I had seen who were no longer with us. I was prompted by Errol Browns death this week. I had seen Errol perform many years ago. I have also seen quite a few more who have gone to a different place. Others include Jim Morrison of the Doors, Marc Bolan, but notably for me Bert Jansch.

Alex and I went to a concert by Alison Moyet a few years back. I didn't know much about her but liked her work. The introductory act came on and started to play a lone guitarist. Everyone continued to talk and walk about . I was spellbound it was Bert Jansch a real hero of mine. I guess I was in a minority as no-one else paid him any attention or respect. Bert was a singer songwriter and folk jazz guitarist. Anyway he died a few years later and I was pleased to have had the opportunity to see him albeit by accident.

What I am getting at is for me success is about making a positive impact whilst you are still around and possibly leaving something positive behind whether you are Rembrandt or Mark Cox. For me my success has been to bring up a family who have all turned out well (possibly in spite of me who knows?). I am doubly lucky in that along the way I have helped a few people and on occasion literally saved peoples lives. As a painter I have brought pleasure to a few. This is all reward enough and I am more than content with my lot particularly as I can share it with Alex and of course Jac!.


As for Bert I used to play this (badly)  Link

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