Friday, 1 May 2015

River Towy near Llanegwad

Here is the completed painting of the River Towy looking towards Carmarthen. A tranquil optpmistic scene that is kind of typical of my subjects.

The other day we went to a pub for food with one of our daughters, her husband and two of our grandchildren. Nothing unusual in that. It was funny how Alex reacted to the table sitting though. We took a table for four but needed to add another table for two on the end. The tables were placed together but the smaller table had the grain facing at ninety degrees to the other one. I could see this was really bugging Alex.

Eventually she said, "shall we just turn this around?"

She really is a perfectionist ideal for framing and her previous job as a marine engineer but sometimes she takes it a bit far. Mind you I suppose being a perfectionist is why she chose me!


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