Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Talley Abbey

The last time we went passed Talley Abbey there was a mist and the sun was breaking through. I thought this would make for a good composition. So this week I got around to doing it.

As you can see it is a very limited palette of colour using yellow, greys and green.

Alex has spent an age on the phone today. I may or may not have mentioned we are getting rid of Sky and getting a whole package on BT which will be significantly less. Yes sounds great. I won't bore you with the details needless to say it has been a nightmare. We have had messages left on the phone which were totally intelligible. A letter telling us we had cancelled BT Sport and would lose it if we didn't respond to them by the 7th May. We hadn't cancelled it and the letter arrived on 12th May!
We have informed them when we were not here and they insist on delivering the equipment on the day we are not here!
Alex got hold of someone today and despite the language barrier managed to tell him all the problems. As far as she could ascertain he couldn't help us, but who knows. He signed off with words to the effect,"Is there anything else I can help you with have a nice day." Alex was simmering and despite myself I had to laugh. God knows whether we will get a new Internet connection phone and TV  but it will be a quieter life if we don't. (If I go quiet for a while you can guess why).

Addendum: having finished this painting last night by chance I saw some new work by Wendy Powell Jones and saw a lovely watercolour painting of Talley Abbey. The view is across the lake. She currently has an exhibition upstairs in Origin, King street. Carmarthen.

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