Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Restoration man

I had a good day yesterday sorting out the studio. Its not large and I always like to work tidy. I started by sorting out my oil brushes. Some had gone a bit hard and needed some restoration. Of course its better to ensure they are absolutely cleaned when you finish each painting session, but inevitably the paint builds up particularly in short flats. I use ordinary brush restorer and leave it overnight. It's not nice stuff so always read and abide by the label.The small brushes I buy by the dozen and throw when they are passed it.

I also took the opportunity to sort out a few sketchbooks and paintings. A few sketch books made it to the dump along with a couple of dozen unframed works and a couple of framed ones. I am lucky as most framed works sell over an eighteen month period those that don't get a second look (about 8-12%).

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