Friday, 26 July 2013

Olden waterfall

The above sketch is of a waterfall in the fjord near Olden. It was undertaken rapidly standing up. Not only did I have little time but I was on a ship sailing passed it so the angle was changing along with the light. The Outline ink was done first and then I used watercolour to build up the foliage and rocks.

Yesterday I finished my oil painting of Llansteffan and sorted out the scratch on another painting.

I have recently been clearing my mother's house out. While we were away my sister came over to house and dog sit which was very kind of her. When I got back she informed me she had finished clearing my mother's garage for me. I was impressed and pleased.
"There was a lot of rubbish bric a brac and everywhere." She said.
"Great thanks," I said and as an after thought, "Where did you take it?" (expecting maybe the recycling centre or the local dump).
"Oh I put it all in your garage." She replied

Link, its kind of connected,  its about the past about getting old a really sad song thought provoking,  wonderfully written pathos.

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