Monday, 22 July 2013

Container Ship and Tugs Southampton Water

I haven't painted the last two days as it has been far too hot in the studio. So  I thought I would post some sketches from my sketchbook. We have recently been to Iceland and Norway. I tend to keep a sketch book for trips like this. A cheap bound one that will take ink and watercolour. It is purely for my own enjoyment and eventually they tend to  get scrapped.

The trip started from Southhampton. My sketches are dependent on the time I have available to do them and also the subject as I see it. For example for a sketch where I have one or two minutes to get it down I use a waterproof ink pen and will add watercolour with an aquabrush using a small palette.

The picture above is a good example The ship was going away from us and we were heading in the opposite direction so it was a continually changing scene. I had about 4 minutes to get it down and add the final touches after. I was quite pleased with the charming little reminder of the scene.

Today I found that the water wouldn't go down in the bathroom sink so I took the u bend and trap off. It was blocked as was the pipe below it. I cleared the trap, washed it outside and placed it in the sink ready to go back on. Alex came in while I was still under the sink and decided the trap and u bend weren't clean enough! Yes while I was under the sink cupboard she washed the trap out in the sink above me!! Yes well I didn't say much but gave her a look and cleaned up the mess. Women!
I then put it back together and tried it but inevitably there was a leak. I took the u bend and trap off which was now full of water, carefully reached up over my head and emptied it in the sink above me much to Alex's delight! Doh!

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