Friday, 5 July 2013

A View of Brecon

The painting above is a view of Brecon from the far side of the Usk Valley. Christ College is in the foreground with Castle behind and the Cathedral overlooking them all. I wanted a composition with all the features of the town in it. I painted this a few years ago and it sold straight away. Most paintings go within 18 months.

Brecon is a lovely market town and a great place to live. We were every happy there. We used to trek up the Beacons and I remember one day Alex and I having scrambled to the top of Corn Ddu came face to face with a unit of squaddies peeing in the wind. Fortunately it wasn't blowing in our direction. The squaddies were quick to apologise and Alex was gracious enough to pretend she hadn't noticed. When I was in Brecon I used to train with the Mountain Rescue as I was the Police Liaison Officer. This meant going out on the mountains and also training with the RAF ( a course down at Brawdy).

Anyway today I was in the gallery so no painting got done.

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