Thursday, 4 July 2013


I am not a particularly religious person but I do like to visit churches and cathedrals. When this country was being populated and villages/ towns were being created the first stone structures were  the castles and churches. The history of a place is most often contained within either or both. 
I enjoy looking around churches and getting the feel of the place its people and history. 

There is also generally a feeling of serenity which can be a break from the frenetic world outside. I have painted and sold countless pictures of churches so I guess I am not alone in my feelings. It's a pity that many of them are going into disrepair and even being sold off or abandoned. 

The painting above is of the interior of Brecon Cathedral which is interesting for many reasons not the least being the connection to the South Wales Borderers who fought at Rorkes Drift.

I was pleased to be the first artist to be invited to exhibit in the Cathedral itself and have done so on several occasions. Today I finished a painting and went to the dentist!

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