Saturday, 27 July 2013

Llansteffan Painting

Here is the painting of Llansteffan I finished this week. I have done several versions of this. Is that a problem? Well not for me. They are all different and it means that several people can have the original of the view of their choice. There are many examples of artists doing the same view.
Cezanne did numerous views of  Montagne Sainte Victoire in fact he painted the same view daily for many years. Leonardo did a number of versions of the same view of Madonna and child. Munch did up to 90 versions of his Scream. 

The other day the fabulous singer Mark Evans had a concert compered by Rob Brydon. I was pleased to be asked for my work to be used as a backdrop for the opening numbers. The show was a huge success.

Today I am in the gallery and Alex is framing all day.

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