Thursday, 11 July 2013

My Bucket List

Well what would I like to do before I die? To be honest I have no great outstanding ambitions.
I have been most of the places that I would like to see and done pretty much what I would like to do. I have had quite a few experiences: climbed onto the wing of a bi-plane and jumped off (with a parachute), gone scuba diving (didn't like that), sailed in the arctic on a yacht, been on the coal face of a working mine, boxed, done karate for many years, and had many "interesting experiences in the police. I have met many different personalities, politicians, royalty...

No regrets well just a few.

So now I would like to see out my years enjoying the peace and tranquility of West Wales with my family. Okay I would like to go wale watching and keep on painting as long as I can.

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