Wednesday, 10 July 2013


The above watercolour painting I did shows the road into Llansaint with the Church in the background.
The 30 mph restriction signs are quite visible. This puts me in mind of an incident when I was a police officer many years ago, (not incidentally at Llansaint).

Now I love irony and this story is a good example. During my time as a police officer I met thousands of people of all different race, creed and background. By the very nature of the job I met many councillors. For the most part they were well intentioned likeable people doing a job for the community. There were occasionally however some you came across who seemed to revel in their position and would create as much chaos as possible complaining at anything especially if it affected them personally.

 Anyway one day a certain local councillor came to see me. He complained bitterly about cars and lorries speeding along the road where he lived. The speeding was apparently so bad it woke him in the morning. Now I am generally a patient person so I let him vent himself out and told him I would take a look at the matter but promised nothing.

 Later that day I saw the morning shift patrol officers and asked them to look at the road and do a speed check if necessary.

Two days later I had a visit from the same officers. They had done a speed check but had only caught one car speeding. Yes, it was the councillor who was of course booked for the offence.
Strangely enough he never came to my office to complain again.

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