Friday, 1 March 2013

Police Uniform

Here is  watercolour sketch of me in uniform during the early 1970's. You may notice there are two unusual things about this picture. One it is of a policeman walking and not in a car. Two I look like a policeman and not a escapee from Hill Street Blues. Sorry I know I live in the past and I add I do have the greatest respect for today's officers who have to put up with so much. I read an ironic headline the other day, "Police Blamed for sinking of Titanic!" Says it all really.

Anyway some years ago when Mid Wales Constabulary became Dyfed Powys Police new uniforms were sent out to officers. This included new helmets with a new name badge. In a small town in Mid Wales manned by the local Sergeant and 2 constable the uniform duly arrived. The sergeant and elder constable opened the boxes and took out the uniforms and helmets. They then obtained a piece of coarse rope and un- platted it. They unscrewed the missing officers helmet top and proceeded to fix the rope through the top of the helmet. By the time they had finished it looked like a plume from the household cavalry helmet.

At 2pm the second officer arrived for duty and was instructed by the sergeant to put on his new uniform and go on foot patrol in the town. They both waited until the second officer went out into the street before falling about laughing. Apparently it looked very impressive except the plume was a little long and went some way down his back. Unwittingly the officer spent the afternoon on foot patrol with his fancy new helmet which drew lots of attention from the public! He only found out when a passing police patrol officer stopped for a second look before falling into fits.
I can't repeat what happened when he found out he had been had.

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