Saturday, 2 March 2013

Dinner dance

I usually dress quite casually and in old clothes. Quite practical when you are using oil paints most days.
Having also spent 30 years pressing a uniform and bulling boots to a mirror shine it is a nice change too.
I still have short hair which again is practical. When it gets to the point I need a comb Alex gives it a once over with the scissors. The grey hair is a lifestyle choice nothing to do with 3 children and 8+? grandchildren.
I do occasionally dress up as above for a dinner dance.

Anyway the sketch above was done waiting for Alex to get ready it was only a quick sketch to pass the time come to think of it I could have done a full size portrait! Alex says I look like something out of One flew over the cuckoos nest! It is a bit intense. A bit chilly this morning but a lovely sunrise with the moon still out.


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